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Roman Cupka

Roman Cupka



Roman has more than 15 years of experience in ICT market with the main focus on infrastructure technologies, information & cyber security and business intelligence. He studied Ecology of the Landscape which has helped him to understand the relationship between technologies, human & nature behaviour and social engineering.

His primary focus is on network monitoring & cyber security frameworks that bring new dimension in the field of AI/ML, networks & applications monitoring, analysis and diagnostics, cyber threats detection and response automation, legislation and law enforcement.

Andrej Hyben

Andrej Hyben

Head of Development


Andrej is a business owner and a leading member of a few IT companies; and plays a role of a Development Manager for Synapsa tech. He has been awarded a Bachelor of Engineering from Faculty of Information Technology and works on pursuing his Master's degree.

He has worked on several International projects with enterprises located in Spain, Germany and Norway; and has consequently  gained invaluable experience in regards to IT products and IT services necessary to gain global customers support. His current projects are focused on ideas around smart-cities, IT security and of course process automation and digitalisation.

Pavol Dovicovic

CTO / Head of Professional Services


Pavol is an IT Guru in the field of systems security design, architecture and administration. He is also a Cyber Security Specialist with years of experience and a deep understanding of information technology. Pavol holds various certificates in the field of cyber security and shares his experience in professional and ordinary users training.

He has been involved in a variety of security projects for multiple customers within the banking and financial sector, responsible for analyzing events across customer`s IT infrastructure, investigating incidents and proposing measures to eliminate them in the future. Pavol advocates for cyber security automation with a proactive approach to practical solutions.

Martin Gross

Head of Marketing


Martin has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing industry with a major focus on IT field. In Synapsa he is responsible for marketing and PR. He earned a Bachelor degree in Information technologies and Economics.

He started his career as a market researcher in a marketing agency. Than he moved to sales positions from a regular hunting to a key account management with responsibility for major clients and international business. Nowadays his main focus is the online marketing and webapp developement which he did as a freelancer for the last several years for dozens of companies .

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