How it works

1. Create an account

First of all you should create your account on the Sign up page. You can also use the Free trial page for sign up in case you would like to have a trial licence for try and buy. After submitting the form we will send you a link for creating your password which you can use to Login.

2. Download and install the main software

As soon as you are logged in you can download and install the main Synapsa software. Downloads can be found on your Profile page. You can use either downloaded installation file and install offline or use the online Docker installation.

3. Request a licence file

You can contact us for a paid licence or you can use our trial version. In case you didn't use the Free trial page for sign up you can ask for a trial licence on the same page as soon as you are logged in.

4. Get and use the licence file

After the submit we generate and prepare the licence file for you. License is just a text string which you easily copy and paste Then you just download it from your Profile page and upload it to the installed software.

5. Use the software

Now you can use our software. In case you need any help pleaset Contact us and we'll be glad to provide you with a further assistance.

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