Synapsa Firewall Auditor (SFA)

Product Introduction

Synapsa Firewall Auditor

"Human errors are common, but must be avoided in regards to security policy with the help of machine based auditor instantaneously."

Pavol Dovicovic, CTO

Security Policy Automation

Nowadays, Computer networks management is facing real challenges. There has been a rapid increase in number of security devices and tools, organisations opt to migrate to the clouds and Cybersecurity threats happen on daily basis. SecOps Experts manage hundreds of firewalls and making policy changes manually is unacceptable.

Prevention go hand-in-hand with detection and response. That’s where Synapsa Firewall Auditor comes in. It is a tool for real-time ruleset assessment to alert and avoid policies misconfigurations. These policies might be a result of a human error or even of an intended malicious activities. Firewall Auditor can detect and disable a faulty policy in real time.

Firewall Ruleset Enforcement


Administrator changes or creates a new security policy rule on Firewall


Auditor keeps checking the consistency and accuracy of the security policy rules via API


Auditor alerts or immediately and automatically disables faulty security policy rules

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