Firewall Policy Audit Automation

Firewall policy audit is a time-consuming process that is subject to internal and external regulations. With a large number of change requests in daily operation, a large number of policies and rules are created on firewalls. However, it happens that administrators create incorrect rules or policies that do not comply with security requirements. Faulty or policies are often the vector of various attacks.

Continuous automated audit of policies on firewalls helps security operations prevent security backdoors, helps network administrators keep accuracy, streamline control and management over firewall policies. The webinar will show how to achieve this with the Synapsa Auditor module and Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall. The audience will be able to understand the necessity of automation over firewall policy audit not only for big enterprises, but also for IT departments with lack of human resources to keep the perimeter environment rules with security compliance.

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24 Aug 11-12am (CEST)

Webinar speakers

  • Roman Cupka, CEO, Synapsa Networks
  • Lubos Chovan, Channel System Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

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