Does your Security Operations face any of these challenges?

Lack of automation

Lack of automation

Not enough resources to asses all security events

SIEM reports only

SIEM reports only

SIEM only generates correlated event report(s)

Threat mitigation delay

Threat mitigation delay

Long delay before the threat is detected and mitigated

Firewall policy enforcement

Firewall policy enforcement

SecOps need knowledge and permission to apply rules

Security monitoring inefficiency

Security monitoring inefficiency

Lack of real added value of passive monitoring devices

Try our security automation solution

1Threat recognition

Synapsa identifies the cyber security threat, the attacker or faulty policy from network security tools and relevant data sources.


2Automated mitigation

Synapsa immediately applies rules on firewalls, automatically blocks the threat and notifies the SecOps team for forensics.

Synapsa Interconnector


3Security policy audit

Synapsa constantly checks for the accuracy of firewall security rules, automatically removes faulty ones and notifies SecOps team.

Synapsa Firewall Auditor


Synapsa Built-In Integrations

Firewall Vendors

Palo AltoFortinetCheck Point

Monitoring Vendors

Flowmon NetworksSuricata

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