Release notes



  • Auditor: Create/edit groups for auditor
  • Auditor -> Ruleset: Add firewall groups
  • System -> Task: You can create or edit task with additional auditor groups, this feature is available only for commands auditor:integrityCheck and auditor:ruleset
  • You can run auditor tasks for certain groups
  • System -> Maintenance tab for remove old backup and release folder
  • System -> Backup: New db tables have been added to import & export

Bug fixes

  • Show data in Auditor Ruleset alert table
  • Delete backup after update


  • Auditor -> Description is optional, not mandatory



  • Auditor integrity check API call validate api's url and do not return html response from the synapsa server, but it returns 404 not found response without data

Bug fixes

  • Auditor integrity check loads the correct API call, when editing
  • Script Rule: Possible to send alerts via notification profile to external Syslog listener



  • Object: Added a new tab "Address" for IP objects usable in Auditor Ruleset
  • Add new rule for Auditor ruleset: any-multizone-any
  • Auditor integrity check updates without checking the response for anything changed
  • Custom conditions for auditor integrity check can now validate the name-tag values with given regex

Bug fixes

  • Fix compare data for src/dst zone in Auditor Ruleset
  • Change data in tables for Alert log from Auditor Ruleset
  • Auditor ruleset fix wrong results when service "app-default" condition is used


  • Auditor integrity check has optional custom conditions, with RegEx matching possibility
  • Changes for save Alert logs from Auditor Ruleset



  • Monitor -> Auditor -> Ruleset: Add Auditor name to Confirmed and Fixed table
  • System -> Version: Added link to external Changelog
  • System -> Task: Added commands for select in create/edit Task form





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