Platform introduction

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Identifying of security breach takes organizations 212 days and another 75 days to actually contain it.
Cybersecurity without automation is a losing game.

Smooth deployment

We fully understand the fact, companies already have multiple tools which they struggle to manage and maintain. Introducing a new tool into the environment has to be quick and easy.

Synapsa Platform can be deployed literally anywhere and within a few minutes, we are leveraging docker technology to make you install based on your preferences. Typical deployment takes less than 90 minutes of your time, but saves hours of manual work.

Platform modules

Synapsa Interconnector

Synapsa Interconnector Default

The middleware which automatically processes input data from any source (miner) capable of sending syslog such as SIEM, Firewalls, Proxy, Servers and other endpoints. By leveraging the built-in parsers it is possible to extract any data and reuse it in various automation tasks. Discover more...

Synapsa Auditor

Synapsa Auditor CVE Alert Detail

Consists of three parts, which allow operators to have complete control over the configuration and compliance with your standards or any industry benchmark. Discover more...

Synapsa Data Feeds

Synapsa Data Feeds Address Lists predefined

A group of smart dynamic object lists consisting of threat intelligence data to feed your cybersecurity mitigation devices like firewalls, proxy or cloud infrastructure to protect your environment from the latest indicators of compromise (IoCs). Discover more...

Synapsa Look Up

Synapsa Lookup

Provides a single pane of glass for data enrichment from any 3rd party API provider, which allows analysts to easily fetch data and use it for event investigation. Discover more...

Key features

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