Threat Intelligence Enrichment

Synapsa LookUp is able to cooperate with Synapsa Interconnector and Synapsa Data Feeds for automating data enrichment processes to speed things up, save time and avoid errors.

How does it work?

Look Up Scheme

Automated enrichment process

Synapsa Lookup VirusTotal
  • SIEM / IDS / any device sends a syslog to Synapsa
  • Interconnector extracts IP addresses from the syslog and forwards them to Look Up
  • Look Up will check if the IP is listed in Virustotal / ToR exit nodes / any Threat Intelligence platform (TIP)
  • Add the result to your own External Dynamic List (EDL)
  • Send alert to SIEM, or take any customized action

How does it help to SOC analysts

Synapsa Lookup
  • Analysts get the automation tool to perform queries very fast
  • All the enrichment data is collected and correlated automatically
  • Faster outcome, no human errors

Comprehensive war room feature

Moreover, Look Up offers war rooms to do analysis of a cyber security incident faster and allows the SOC team to cooperate in a single UI. It is possible to use pre-built playbooks, or to create your own for repetitive tasks, which saves time, ensures immediate results and provides faster Mean Time to Response (MTTR).

Would you like to discover more?

Synapsa Look Up - Built in integrations

The list is never final. We are constantly developing new integrations.
  • National Vulnerability Database
  • Single pane of glass for CVEs look up
  • Suspicious URLs analysis
  • Single pane of glass for domain, hash and IPs look up
  • Use suspicious result into data feeds for external dynamic lists usage
  • Website visitros IP Adress location look up
  • Identify the IP address details
  • Get the complete geolocation information
BigData Cloud - Look Up
  • Search if the IP is on list of TOR exit nodes geolocated to country-level
  • Enhanced information to an Autonomous System (AS) managed and supervised by a single entity or organization
  • Search engine for the internet of everything
  • Single point of glass for IPs look up
  • Get complete information with map location
  • The trusted source of IP adresses look up
  • Identify the IP address details
  • Get the complete geolocation information
  • Powerful and fast information about domains
  • Easy and trusted domain names look up
  • Get the complete geolocation information
  • MAC address vendor identification
  • Easy and fast look up

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