Synapsa Platform On-Premise

Synapsa Platform dashboard

Synapsa Platform On-Premise offers a full range of modules for business processes and security operation automation in docker powered API client.

How Synapsa On-Premise works?

  • Collects alerts from 3rd parties, parsers data, creates rulesets and automate reponse with significant savings of workforce during change and incident management procedures.
  • Audits and control obsolete, faulty or non-complience policies in infrastructure are configured.
  • Constantly collects IPs, DNS and URLs data and uses custom, predefined or platform own created data feeds for proper functionality of cloud, SaaS and security services.
  • Integrates various 3rd party services for quick look up from single point of view on Synapsa interface to enhanced cyber threat intelligence.

How to deploy Synapsa On Premise?

1. Demo or Trial

Check out our public online demo or ask for a free trial.

2. Quotation

Request us for a quotation based on the license you want to deploy.

3. Deployment

Run docker in your environment and start using Synaspa On-Premise Platform.

Are you interested?

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