Date published: 2021-12-20

Online demo release

We have released a ready-made full of features public demo of Synapsa Platform. Everyone can join our community online in real-time. You can check out various use cases using our modules to find out how to save the workforce in daily operation and automate cyber security.

Try Synapsa Platform online

  • Use our predefined dynamic Exit TOR nodes or Office365 lists for firewall object automation.
  • Lookup of IP addresses in Shodan, CVEs on NIST, or suspicious domains you are interested in Virustotal.
  • Check out how to automate threat mitigation between Progress Flowmon ADS and various firewalls.
  • Find out our pre-prepared fully automated or alert audit rulesets for Palo Alto, Fortinet, and Checkpoint NGFW.
  • Tests if specific connection and service are allowed on Palo Alto or Fortinet firewall without direct administration access.

Please get demo credentials on the Synapsa Public Demo page.

Get access