Date published: 2023-01-16

SYNAPSA Auditor integrity check for Palo Alto

How to use an integrity check for Palo Alto firewall with regular expressions


The API Response is:

<response status="success">

The goal is to check if the Primary DNS Server is 1.1.*.1 and Secondary is 4.2.*.2


The Integrity check will not only check the static values, but will compare the value from the firewall configuration against to the conditions.

Format of the regex check is: xml-nametag|string|/^REGULAR_EXPRESSION$/|regex

Match examples:,
Not matching:,,

Match examples:,
Not matching:,,

You can specify your own regular expression conditions, full RegEx is supported. If you need to validate your regular expression, use

Auditor alert will be generated in case of any of the conditions are not matching the regex values.