Synapsa Channel Program

Synapsa Channel Program

Synapsa Networks develops security automation solution which helps you to save time in incident handling and workforce in defensive security. We build transparent channel program with significant benefits and is dimensioned for four types of partnerships.

VAD Partnership

Value Added Distributors build VAR and MSP network. They have superior sales and technical expertise in network and cyber security solutions and cover at least one integrated and supported Synapsa technology vendor at least in their portfolio. They are able to support vendors and VARs / MSPs in marketing activities and work most closely on go to market strategy and business development, most of the times. Synpsa Networks provides VADs with advanced sales, technical and marketing support in the market.

VAR Partnership

Value Added Resellers represent our entry-level status through our official VAD program, offering partners access to online sales, marketing, training, and education tools so they can develop their basic knowledge for business approach. VAR should cover at least two integrated and supported Synapsa technology vendors at least. Synapsa Networks cooperates closely with VAR on business development, provides advanced sales support and provides technical support through Synapsa Professional Services it self.

MSP Partnership

Manage Service Providers represent mainly (but not only) SOC Providers able to provide advanced security based services in terms of human resources expertise, advanced security technologies and automation approach and high mature processes. Synapsa Networks provides MSP mainly with custom defined technical development approach, marketing support and technical support through Synapsa Professional Services. MSP would advantage from possibilities to faster feature requests approval process and time to value features development from Synapsa Networks R&D department.

Technology Partnership

Alliance partners provide mostly technical based marketing approach. Synapsa Networks supports Alliance partners with combined whitepapers and data sheets if necessary, support each other through online and / or onsite marketing activities.

OEM partnerships include Alliance partnership in general and sales and technical support over and above. Synapsa Networks supports OEM with own testing LAB environment, sales channel and technical support through Synapsa Professional Services.

Become a Channel Partner

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