Date published: 2020-05-31

Synapsa Platform - Free trial guide

1. Create an account

First, create your account on the Sign up page. You can also use the Free trial page if you would like to take advantage of trial license before you buy. After filling out the form we will send you a link for creating a password to Login.

2. Download and install the main software

As soon as you login, you can download and install the main Synapsa software. Downloads can be found on your Profile page. Use the online Docker installation. After the insallation you will need a license string to continue. For information how to get and use a license string please proceed to next steps.

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3. Request a license

You can contact us for a paid license or use the trial version first. If you did not use the Free trial page for sign up, you can request a trial license on the same page when you login. You will only need a Hash string which will be shown as soon as you install the application.

4. Activate the license

Send us the Hash string by pasting it into the form on a Free trial page and we will generate the License string for you automatically. Your license string will be promptly visible on your Profile page. When you copy and paste it to the Synapsa software, it will be activated.

5. Use the software

Now, you can use our software. If you require any help, please Contact us for further support and queries.