Enterprise (ENT)

Many companies today are struggling with a lack of quality IT and security professionals. However, they need to manage a large number of information systems and IT infrastructure, communicate effectively through different departments and ensure business continuity. Accelerating the response to requests between network, infrastructure, application and security departments and the associated automation is a necessary step towards better resource flexibility and utilisation.

The basic predisposition is the delivery of secure services that have an impact on a number of locations and branches, customers, or interoperability between IT and OT environment(s). A step towards efficiency is to speed up the automation of processes from ticketing, through deployment of rules to protection against real-time security threats. In addition, it is necessary to constantly check the vulnerabilities of systems and applications and prevent possible vectors of attacks or errors caused by IT administrators.

Synapsa Platform's benefits for Enterprises

  • Automation and Orchestration of Incident and Change management
  • Significant FTEs savings in cross-department workforce
  • Real-time auditing of assets in security compliance
  • Security policy enforcement automation
  • Cyber-threats prevention and Incident response automation

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