Firewall Vulnerability Check (FVC)

Preparing firewalls for internal or regulatory audit is a demanding process that is time consuming and error prone. When managing multiple types of firewalls in a hybrid environment, different security policies are applied over time. The error rate arises both on the part of the administrators and during the change management process. Many policies that may not apply at this time are not removed and managed regularly.

The combination of invalid policies and errors creates a security risk associated with the back door, which is easy to exploit by potential attackers or become a cause of critical services unavailability. With the help of Synapsa Firewall Auditor, it is possible to check the correctness of security policies in real time, detect faulty policies in real time, detect faulty polices, compare them with preset rules that should be valid with internal security compliance, notify errors to IT and Security Operations and also remove faulty ones by one click from Synapsa interface.

Real - time CVE check


Severity of vulnerability prioritisation


Immediate alerting and reporting


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