Firewall Vulnerability Check (FVC)

Firewalls serve as the primary protection on the network perimeter. With optimal settings of all rules and proper management of the firewall farm, they should reflect and capture 90% of security cyber threats. Firewalls, like other assets are prone to vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Given the importance of firewalls in a hybrid environment, including a multi-cloud environment, exploiting vulnerabilities and creating backdoors poses a significant security risk.

The Synapsa platform continuously verifies and reports the occurrence of vulnerabilities in real time and sorts them according to severity from sources provided by the firewall manufacturer or from external sources via the Synapsa API gateway and at the same time fulfils data feeds. Reported vulnerabilities help security operations identify current status while automatically alerting IT operations to remediation and patch management workflows.


Real - time CVE check


Severity of vulnerability prioritisation


Immediate alerting and reporting

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