Government (GOVT)

In the age of digital transformation, the public sector is investing heavily in solutions to provide the general public with secure, functional and affordable services based on new applications and interoperability. In addition, the primary task is the protection of critical infrastructure or personal data, with emphasis on new legislative requirements and their enforcement. Investing in massive infrastructure requires cooperation between internal resources and external suppliers from the commercial sector.

Government is particularly faced with a lack of qualified IT and security staff, complex processes and insufficient visibility. There is a risk of vulnerabilities and various attack vectors not being addressed, and the response time to possible incidents is too long. In particular, prevention of potential security threats is often not addressed, which explicitly increases the risk of data breach and cyber incidents.

Synapsa Platform's benefits for Government

  • Compliance and Policy auditing
  • IT and Security operation workflow automation
  • Significant FTEs saving in Change and Incident management
  • Cyber-threats prevention and Incident response automation

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