Manage Security Service Provider (MSSP)

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and anti-viral services. Common problems that MSSPs encounter are a number of alerts and tickets that they cannot process in the required time. In addition, they have a large number of assets in operation on which they provide services, where they often lack automation within the management, control of security rules, or audit requirements within the individual needs of customers. Another aspect is the lack of qualified resources, which increases the risk within business continuity.

Synapsa Platform's benefits for MSSP

  • Automation and Orchestration from single pane of glass
  • Security policy change management acceleration
  • Real-time auditing of assets in security compliance
  • Security policy enforcement automation
  • Time reduction for tasks operation and FTEs savings

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