Date published: 2021-12-05

Synapsa Cloud - Activation guide

1. Use the request form

  • Fill the request form. In case you are logged in to our website we will prefill the form using your account data which you can change.
  • You also need to define your subdomain name which can be anything you want including only small letters. In case of "yourname" your domain will be "". We will check if your domain name is available upon form submit.

Request Synapsa Cloud

2. Receive the invoice

After submitting the form we will send the invoice to your e-mail address.

3. Create the password

After the payment, we will send the password link to your e-mail where you can generate it.

4. Login

4 Once you have the password you can log in to the Synapsa on the address using your domain name which you gave us during the request. For example "".

5. Use the platform

Now you can use our software for 12 months. One month before the expiration date you will receive automatically renewal invoice.

You don't have to pay a renewal invoice if you don't want to use the software after the end of the period. In this case, we will cancel your subscription automatically.


Please be noted that some features are exclusively active only under the On-Premise license which is described in the Full user guide. It's a useful document that you can use if you already have the access to your environment and need further help.

Full user guide